Student Welfare Division

Acting Senior Assistant Registrar: Mrs. L. D. K. T. Dasanayaka.

Duties & Responsibilities of the Student Welfare Division

  • Finalization of Bursaries
  • Co-ordination of Mahapola Higher Education Scholarships and other Scholarships
  • Providing Student Counseling Services
  • Handling Canteen Facilities
  • Co-ordination of Lodging Facilities for the students
  • Handling Railway Concessionary Season Tickets to students
  • Formation and facilitation of Students' Unions and Societies
  • Allocation of Halls for Student Activities
  • Issuing Studentship Confirmation Letters
  • Other Welfare Facilities

Student Accommodation:

Several student hostels are available which are administrated by the University. Only the students who are in First Year and Final Year are eligible to get hostel facilities. First Year and Final Year students are required to get more information from Wardens and SAR/Students Welfare for their eligibility.