Dr R.A.C.P.Ranasinghe

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Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Moratuwa



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Teaching and Administrative Activities


Undergraduate Subjects

  • ME2112 - Fluid Dynamics
  • ME3022 - Fluid Power Systems and Machinery
  • ME4372 - Aerodynamics
  • ME4432 - Computational Fluid Dynamics


Postgraduate Subjects

  • ME5021 - Energy Conservation and Management
  • ME5002 - Industrial Fluid Dynamics
Administrative Activities
Representative for the Faculty academic committee
Semester 5 coordinator
Industrial training coordinator

Research Activities

Key Research Areas
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Combustion and heat transfer modelling


  • Ranasinghe, C, Malalasekera, W, Clarke, A (2013) Large eddy simulation of premixed combustion in spark ignited engines using a dynamic flame surface density model, SAE International Journal of Engines, 6(2), pp.898-910, ISSN: 1946-3936.
  • Ranasinghe, C and Malalasekera, W (2012) Simulation of Premixed Combustion and Near Wall Flame Quenching in Spark Ignition Engines with an Improved Formulation of the Bray-Moss-Libby Model. In 9th International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics, HEFAT 2012, Malta, pp.1-5, ISBN: 9781868549863.
  • Ranasinghe, C, and Malalasekera, W (2012) Simulation of Engine Combustion with Ethanol as a Renewable Fuel. In International Conference on Advanced Materials, Science and Engineering, Colombo Sri Lanka, pp.1-5.
  • Ranasinghe, C, Malalasekera, W, Clarke, A (2012) Application Of  LES Technique for the Calculation of Internal Combustion Engine Flows, 3rd International EULAG Workshop on Eulerian/Lagrangian methods for fluids, Loughborough University (UK).
  • Ranasinghe, C, Malalasekera, W, Clarke, A (2012) Multidimensional Modelling of Ignition and Combustion in Premixed Spark Ignition Engines, Meeting on Current Research in Combustion, Institute of Physics, UK. 

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