Champika Epa Ranasinghe Uduwaragoda (On Study Leave)

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Teaching and Administrative Activities

  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Operations Research
  • Internet Programming and Web Services
  • Computer Organization
  • Essentials of Information and Communications Technologies

Research Activities

Research Supervision
  • Heitmann, Sven; (MSc thesis), University of Munster, Germany; Title: “Providing a way to evaluate location based systems under varying levels of location and orientation quality”
  • Schiestel, Nicholas; (MSc thesis), University of Munster, Germany; Title: “A system to quantify and classify the quality of location information to support adaptive Location Based Services”.
  • Hussein, Ahmed; (MSc thesis), University of Munster, Germany; Title: “Adaptive visualization of directions”.
  • Khairy, Abeer; (MSc thesis), Title: "Opportunistic location sharing as a means to facilitate adaptive navigation support"


Education and Training

- Doctoral candidate (Westfälische Wilhelms University of Muenster, Germany)
- MPhil (UOM)
- MSc (UCSC)
- BSc (Hons) (KLN)
Training / Work Experience
- Research Assistant (University of Muenster, Germany)
- Senior Lectuter (University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)
- Lecturer - Probationary (University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)
- Content Manager (Innodata Inc.)
- Project Analyst (Innodata Inc.)
- Demonstrator (IT Center, University of Kelaniya)


Professional Affiliations
Professional Activities
- Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
- Reviewer for the Tylor & Francis Journal of Location Based Services
- Session chair in IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, 2013, The Hague, Netherlands

Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards
- Best data driven healthcare solution 2018 at Dutch Hack Health 2018 (Utrecht, Netherlands)
- DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Scholarship.
- Instiute for Geoinformatics (University of Muenster, Germany) Scholarship
- ADB (Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines) Scholarship
- SEDA (UK) Professional Development Framework named award for Teaching, Learning and Assessing


  1. Uduwaragoda, C., Perera, A.S. and Dias, S.A.D., 2013, October. Generating lane level road data from vehicle trajectories using kernel density estimation. In 16th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems-(ITSC), The Hague, Netherlands. 2013 (pp. 384-391). IEEE.
  2. Ranasinghe, C.M. and Kray, C., 2016. Visualizing Location Uncertainty on Mobile Devices: Assessing Users’ Perception and Preferences. In Geospatial Data in a Changing World (pp. 315-333). Springer
  3. Ranasinghe, C., Krukar, J., and Kray, C., 2018. Visualizing location uncertainty on mobile devices: cross-cultural differences in perceptions and preferences.  Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT), Volume 2 Issue 1, March 2018 (also to be presented in Ubicomp 2018).
  4. Uduwaragoda, C., Perera, A.S. and Dias, S.A.D.  2013. Lane Level Road Data Generation to Enable Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Applications.  Transactions of IESL 2013, 275-283.
  5. Manel, E.R.I.A.C. 2013, Probabilistic estimation of lanes using vehicle GPS trajectories. (MPhil thesis)


    Ongoing Research
    • Design space of positioning systems (Champika Ranasinghe, Christian Kray)
    • Evaluating Location Based Services under Variations in the Quality of Location and Orientation Information: A User CenteredApproach (Champika Ranasighe, Max Pfeifer, Jakub Krukar, Christian Kray)
    • Pedestrian Navigation Support and Low Quality Location Information: User Behavior and Adaptation Strategies (Champika Ranasighe , Max Pfeifer, Jakub Krukar, Christian Kray)
    • Problem Space of Positioning Systems and Alternative Solutions (Champika Ranasinghe, Christian Kray)

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