A.T.L. Kithsiri Samarasinghe

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University of Moratuwa

Dept. of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

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Teaching and Administrative Activities

Administrative Activities
Head, Dept. of Electronic & Telecom Engineering, University of Moratuwa (2006-2009)
Director : Zone24x7_UOM Electronic Systems Research Laboratory (2014 - to date)
Member of Board of Management of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (2014 - to date)
Director : Center of IT Services, University of Moratuwa (2005 -2006)
A former President of University of Moratuwa Teachers Association
Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Institute of Technoly, UOM(ITUM) (2004-2005)
A member and a also former chairman of the Orientation committee
Secretary of the University of Moratuwa Teachers Association

Research Activities

Research Supervision



  1.  Broadband Business Models for Rural communities of Sri Lanka
  2.  Impact of CDMA networks in rural areas of Sri Lanka
  3.  The impact of mobile communication on employee performance
  4.  A policy framework for attracting investments for software development industry in Sri Lanka
  5.  A Policy Framework for Mobile Telecommunication Infrastructure
  6.  Factors affecting the demand and implementation of e-learning in Sri Lankan tertiary  educationsystem
  7. A Study on maturity of Bsiness Continuity Mnagement and ICT reliance in Sri Lanka
  8. An Assessment of customer satisfaction of accounting software in private sector organizations of Sri Lanka
  9. Assessment of expectations in using credit cards from different categories of Sri Lankan mangers using lifestyle based approach
  10. An analysis of the factors affecting the development of e-banking facilities in Sri Lanka
  11. Ethical e-marketing for competitive advantage
  12. An Assessment of the perceived quality gap in corporate telecommunications services in Sri Lanka
  13. ICT development in rural areas of Sri Lanka
  14. Barriers and Capabilities of Pay Television Industry in Sri Lanka
  15. Convergence of Fixed and Mobile Networks as a Market Leveraging Tool for Sri Lanka Telecom
  16. The Development of Television Broadcasting Technology and its Implications for Developing Countries
  17. Investigation of the Factors that are Embedded in e-commerce Sites Affecting Adoption and Usage of Internet Banking Services by the Customers: An Empirical Investigation in Sri Lankan Context
  18. Analysis of Sri Lankan Mobile Customer Perspective on Voice Quality
  19. Managing the Transition from 2G to 3G
  20. Customer Behavior of Prepaid Call Card Market
  21. Internet Service through Broadband Power Line Communication
  22. International Technology Transfer in Telecommunication Sector for Corporate Solution in Sri Lankan Context
  23. A Study of Sustainability of the e-Village Project in Sri Lanka : The Case of  Mahavilachchiya.
  24. Seasonality Effect of Emerging Stock Markets: Evidence from Sri Lanka.
  25. Lefestyle based Aproach for Assessing Expectations of Credit Cards of Sri Lankan Managers.
  26. Technology and Poverty in Sri Lankan Fisheries Sector; The Case of Fishing Villeges in Tangalle
  27. Revenue Leakage in Sri Lanka Telecom Operators
  28. Propagation path profiling of IEEE 802.16d standard channel in Sri Lankan Context.
  29. Aircraft Locating System
  30. Effective Project Management for Successful IT Off-shoring Projects in Sri Lanka
  31. Mobile Broadband Penetration and Competition in Sri Lanka
  32. Opportunities for Mobile Advertising in Sri Lanka
  33. Macroeconomic Impact on the Stock Market Performance : Evidence from Colombo Stock Exchange
  34. Critical Success Factors for the Growth of CDMA Market in Sri Lankan Small Industries : Case Study in Colombo District
  35. Viewer Perception and Factors Affecting the Adoption of Satellite Television in Sri Lanka
  36. Effectiveness of School ICT Education in Sri Lanka
  37. Impact of Training on Employee Satisfaction in Sri Lankan IT Companies
  38. Key Success Factors and Portfolio Management of 3G Services
  39. An Analysis of critical success factors for wi-Fi hotspot development in travel & tourism sector, sri lanka.
  40. A policy to attract more software development investments to Sri Lanka.
  41. The impact of mobile communication on employee performance.
  42. Study on maturity of business continuity management and ICT reliance in Sri Lanka.
  43. An Analysis of the barriers for innovations in Sri Lankan IT/Software organizations
  44. Quality factor based critical assessment of the Scrum software development methodology
  45. Assessment of users’ perceived service quality and brand equity in telecommunication services in Sri Lanka; Evidence from corporate/Large and medium bussiness subscriber groups
  46. Study of the effectiveness of technology based value added services; A case study of the Nations Trust Bank
  47. Effect of Dividend Announcements on Stock Price Fluctuations for MPI Listed companies on Colombo Stock Exchange
  48. Suitability of Telecom Managed Service Model in Sri Lankan Context.
  49. Analysis of Critical Factors Contributing to Job Satisfaction of Engineers in Sri Lankan Telecommunication Industry.
  50. Study on Mobile Number Portability Implementation in Sri Lanka
  51. Socio Technical Analysis and Business Model for IPTV Deployment in Sri Lanka
  52. Entrepreneurship for Engineers in Sri Lanka
  53. Readiness of SL Industry to Use Public Data Centers for IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
  54. Feasibility of Implementing SAAS based Enterprise Software Systems in the Government Departments of Sri Lanka.
  55. Application of Green Concepts to Sri Lankan Telecommunication Industry
  56. Feasibility of Implementing Active Network Sharing in Sri Lankan Telecommunication Industry
Key Research Areas
Technology Management
Industrial Automation
ICT Policy
Telecom Policy
Wireless Applications
Cellular Communication Systems
Terrestrial Communications
Radar and Navigation
Satellite Communication
Broadcast Technologies
Meditation and Stress Management

Education and Training

M.B.A. (University of Sri Jayawardenepura)
B.Sc.(Eng.) Hons. in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (University of Moratuwa)
Training / Work Experience
Broadcast Technologies
Wireless Communication


Professional Affiliations
A Chartered Engineer, Corporate Member of Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka.
Member of the Institution of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE), U.S.A. (1986 - 1997).
Served as a Committee Member of Institution of Electrical Technologies (IET), Sri Lanka Chapter (2008).
Positions Held
Director Engineering: Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.
Electronic engineer: Radar and navigational aids engineering division, Airport and Aviation Services, Colombo International Airport, Sri Lanka.
Member of Board of Management of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (2014 - to date)
Professional Assignments
Member of Board of Management : Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
Resource person/consultant for several government projects
Professional Activities
Engineering Consultant-Research supervisor: zone24x7_uom electronic systems research laboratory.




  • Co-authored "Modern Component Families and Circuit Block Design", with the main author Mr. Nihal Kularatne. Published by Newnes, USA in year 2000 (ISBN 0-7506-9992-2) (Preview of this book available in the internet)

Conference Papers:


  • Impact of technology transfer on corporate telecommunication solutions, J. Rathnasabapathy, A.T.L.K Samarasinghe., Annual Conference of the IET, Sri Lanka Chapter, 2007 October, Colombo.
  • Impact of IT Infrastructure on business performance in services enterprises in Colombo District, U.Gamage, A.T.L.K. Samarasinghe, Proceeding of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology ,Volume 01, December 2007
  • Use of Information Technology in bringing competitive advantage to the Sri Lankan Banking Sector, Sunari Silva, A.T.L.K. Samarasinghe., Proceeding of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. Volume 01, December 2007.
  • Acceptable Use Policy Guidelines for Employees–Case of Sri Lankan Software Development Organizations, Thrindu Liyanagunawardana, A.T.L.K. Samarasinghe,SLIIT Research Symposium, November 2007.
  • Business Model Innovation for Future Wireless Services, C.H.M.K.P.Chandrasekara , A.T.L.K.Samarasinghe; Transactions of the IEE Sri Lanka, September 2008. IET SRI LANKA NETWORK FIFTEENTH ANNUAL CONFERENCE, 11th OCTOBER 2008
  • Rfid Based Passenger and Cargo Identification System for Airports, A.T.L.K. Samarasinghe, E.M.A.E. Edirisuriya, C.D. Makavita, D.M.M.J. Senarathna , R.W.R. Wimalagunarathna, University Of Moratuw, Sri Lanka
  • Interaction of Electromagnetic Radiation with Inhomogeneous Human Tissues, Eng. Kithsiri Samarasinghe, RM Indika Nalin Bandara, Dept. of Electronic & Telecommunication Eng., University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
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  • Power Line Intercom - Narrowband Voice Communication over Power Line, Mahendra Samarawickrama, Kasun Pathirage, Harshaka Samarasekara, Asanka Wickramasinghe, Kithsiri Samarasinghe., IEEE, Fourth International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems, Sri Lanka, Dec 2009.
  • Ethernet Frame Tunneling over GPRS/EDGE for Universal Network, T.N.C. Fernando, A.T.L.K Samarasinghe., IEEE, Fourth International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems, Sri Lanka, Dec 2009. ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/5426317/5429790/05429892.pdf
  • Comparison of Propagation Models for Fixed WiMAX System based on IEEE 802.16-2004, Amarasinghe K.C.,Peiris K.G.A.B, Thelisinghe, L.A.D.M.D. , Warnakulasuriya G.M., Samarasinghe A.T.L.K., IEEE, Fourth International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems, Sri Lanka, Dec 2009. ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/5426317/5429790/05429880.pdf
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  • Macroeconomic impact on the performance of Colombo Stock Exchange: 1985-2009 – N.Dinusha Hettiarachchi, A.T.L.K. Samarasinghe and S.W.S.B. Dassanayaka, 12th International Conference on Sri Lanka Studies, Mar 2010, Colombo
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