Vice Chancellor’s Message

Image removed. The University of Moratuwa (UOM) is considered as one of the finest in Sri Lanka attracting best students and producing world class  graduates who can compete with graduates with any other university in the world for both employment and post-graduates studies.    With three technical faculties, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Information Technology, it is the most  sought after university for undergraduate enrolment in the respective disciplines and the most sought after by the industry for  employment in Sri Lanka.

 The UOM has been growing rapidly in terms of quality, recognition, activities, number of courses, student intake, staff, outreach and  research during the recent several years.  Currently, the university offers eleven undergraduate courses in a variety of disciplines and  fifty six postgraduate courses along with postgraduate degrees by research including PhD.Our Vision is to be “The most globally  recognized knowledge enterprise in Asia” with the need of transforming UOM to a world class enterprising university.    We have initiated many strategic activities to achieve this Vision including, attracting private sector R&D laboratories, national centres for provision of cutting edge technology supports for industries, technological and innovation incubators, student enterprises, centers of excellence, international collaborations among several initiatives.

With many achievements by the university students becoming the world’s best in numerous occasions in competitions such as Google Summer of Codes Free and Open Source Software, IEEE Extreme Programming competition, with many international collaborations for both teaching and research,and with highly motivated and dedicated staff we are proud of, the UOM is an outstanding seat of learning and enterprise to meet the Global Challenges of the 21st Century.  With these achievements, the UOM now facilitates and attracts international students especially for postgraduate studies.  Together the UOM is aiming to reach greater heights.

Professor Ananda Jayawardane