Funding Policy

General Funding Policies for Staff Development Activities

1. Funding of applicants under Category A as per attached table, would be evaluated on the basis of requirements for fulfilling promotional prospects and the degree of completion of course funded earlier under this Category.

2. Funding under Category B would be considered only if courses funded under Category A have been satisfactorily completed.

3. Allocations between categories will be taken as a general guide and funds lying unspent in any category maybe transferred on the approval of the SDAB to categories in which higher spending is anticipated. This may however be done only on completion of the 3rd quarter.

4. Applicants who are funded under Categories A,B, and C will be required to fill a post-training form and be subject to an evaluation of the effectiveness of training by the Head of Department/Division.

5. Those who have not completed any programs funded under Category A will not be eligible for funding for a period of 5 years from the date of completion indicated on the application, if the applicant has failed to complete the course during this period.

6. Letters of explanation will be called from any applicant funded for any of the programs under Categories A to D who fail to show at least 80% attendance. Such applicants will not be eligible to funding for a period of 5 years from such a time explanations have been received and considered if the reasons provided are not acceptable to the SDAB.

7. No employee will be funded for more than 2 programs under any of the categories A to D within one year.

8. When more applications are received where the funds required is more than what can be allocated, a Sub-Committee will be appointed by the SDAB to select the most suitable applicant(s) considering among any other relevant aspects, if funds have been taken previously, the feedback on the effectiveness of training received, attendance and completion of such courses.

9. No funding will be provided for any course, where applications are not received at least one week prior to the commencement of that course in case of Category D and at least one month in case of Category A.





Process of Applications


A. Fees for Courses of Study Conducted by Higher Educational Institutions recognised by the UGC (local)

Proposed Allocation Rs 800,000/- per annum.

UGC Circular 415 replaced by 830 of 9th September 2003.

Any employee. Amount Not specified. But marking scheme to be adopted based on requirement of course for promotion, skill development.

Employee to initiate application using SDC Form No 1. Bonded.

As per UGC Guidelines, Only 1 Administrative Officer plus 2 from other grades per year. But can increase keeping the same financial ratios between grades. Selection is based on marks obtained and funds/applications from specific categories of employees. Awards made up to Rs 200,000/= per quarter, applications to close end Jan, April, July and October. Unutilized balance if any to be made available in the subsequent quarter.

B. Short-Term Training programs/workshops (foreign)

Proposed Allocation Rs 500,000/- per annum


Maximum of Rs 200,000/= per person. Only once during service.

Based on nominations made by Vice chancellor. Bonded for 5 years.

University Officers and senior administrative officers who are in positions of leadership and required to effect development and implementation of new programs in the university.

C. SDC Organized Courses (on campus)

Proposed Allocation Rs 1,500,000/- per annum


For specified grades for each course. Maximum of two programs per year. 

Nominations called by SDC through Heads of Depts./Divs.
Not bonded.

Regular courses are now offered for IT, English/Communications Skills and possibly Management skills in the near future. These will also include any specific trade based courses to be conducted by the SDC.

D. Short –Term Training programs/workshops (local)

Proposed Allocation Rs 800,000/- per annum



For programmes that are not in excess of Rs. 10,000/= per person .

Employee to initiate application using SDC Form No 2. Bonded.

These applications should be recommended by the Head of Department/Division for relevance and application. Some restrictions may be placed on number of employees being trained in a given area at one time when requests for funding exceed the available funds.

E. Guest Lectures/Seminars (on campus)

Proposed Allocation Rs 200,000/- per annum



For all employees, but some seminars may be for specified categories of employees

By open invitation circulated by SDC and/or call for pre-registration by SDC

For awareness in areas pertaining to work ethics, motivational aspects, general skills development and social interaction in the work place. Not bonded.

F. Fees for courses of study conducted by Higher Educational Institutions and other local recognized institutions



Any employee amount not specified. Employee to initiate application supported by a recommendation of Head/Dean/Registrar as the case may be bonded Selection is to be based on benefits to the Institutions Awards made upto Rs. 200,000/= per year.
G. Research sessions – participation by Academic and other staff in sessions organized by Faculty Research Units


Academic and other Senior Staff Members accommodated by Chairman, Faculty Research Units. Accepted and registered and participation certified by the Chairman, Research Units of the respective Faculties. To facilitate Academic and other Senior Staff members to expand and improve the knowledge base.
Reimbursement of registration fees upto Rs. 2000/- per person.