MBA in Management of Technology

In recognizing the vital role played by Management of Technology and the demand for the professionals in Technology Management in the present industrialised society, the department offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management of Technology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration specialised in Management of Technology.

MBA in Management of Technology is a six semester (two-year) degree programme whilst PG Diploma can be completed within four semesters (approx. 15 months). The core curriculum of both programmes consist of common management and technology management modules. Wide variety of electives is offered so that the students can strengthen the knowledge in their special interest areas. In addition to the subject modules the students read for the MBA should carry out a research project in technology management or in a related area.

Each semester consist of 14 weeks of academic activities. Lectures are held on three weekdays from 5.30pm-8.30pm in Colombo and on Saturdays in the University of Moratuwa.

Teaching and learning model of postgraduate programmes at the department go beyond facts and theories of class room. Student empowerment is considered to be the foremost objective. Active and interactive teaching methods are commonly used. Special guest lectures, field visits and research seminars are used to further supplement topics that are covered in main subject areas.

Semester I

  • MN 5201 - Organizational Behavior and Management
  • MN 5224 - Skills for Business Management
  • MN 5225 - Management Decision Making
  • MN 5226 - Managing Technology for Competitiveness

Semester II

  • MN 5206 - Marketing Management
  • MN 5210 - Operations Management
  • MN 5214 - Human Resource Management
  • MN 5227 - Business Economics

Semester III

  • MN 5207 - Accounting and Financial Management
  • MN 5208 - Strategic Management
  • MN 5212 - Management of Innovation and R&D
  • MN 5228 - Technology Transfer

Semester IV

  • MN 6201 - Skills for Research Project **


  • MN 5213 - Social Shaping of Technology
  • MN 5215 - Supply Chain Management
  • MN 5216 - IT and E Business
  • MN 5219 - Project Management
  • MN 5231 - Business and Commercial Law
  • MN 5232 - Business Process Management
  • MN 5233 - Entrepreneurship and Venture Creations

Semester V

  • MN 6102 - Research Project - Phase I**

Semester IV

  • MN 6102 - Research Project Phase II**

(** - Only for MBA)

The electives will only be offered when there are at least 10 Students registered for the module and if required resources are available with the department.


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