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Dr. GD Samarasinghe

Head of Department

Senior Lecturer Gr. II

+94-11-2650365   5201 dineshs AT
Prof. SWSB Dasanayaka Professor +94-11-2640432 5206 sarathd AT
Prof. VM Wikramasinghe Professor +94-11-2640434   vathsala AT
Dr. VPT Jayawardane Senior Lecturer Gr. II (Probationary)   5204 thesaraj AT
Mr. I Mahakalanda Lecturer (Confirmed)   5202 Indra.mahakalanda AT
Mr. DM Mudalige Lecturer      
Ms. GN Kuruppu Lecturer (Comfirmed)   5207 gayithri AT
Mr. CM Suwandaarachchi   Lecturer (Probationary) +94-11-2640434 6350 methsiri AT
Ms. WMAK Wijekoon Lecturer ((Probationary - On Study Leave)     amaliw AT
Ms. NNC Pushpamali Lecturer (Probationary - On Study Leave)     chamarij AT
Ms. NC Samarasiri Lecturer (Temporary)   5207 nawodic AT
Mr. KMS Senevirathne Lecturer (Contract)   5202 manulas AT
Academic Support
Ms. MC Kottagoda Temporary Instructor   5207 mkmashi001 AT
Ms. NCA Fraser Temporary Instructor   5207 crystlefraser91 AT
Ms. BD Mathararachchi Temporary Instructor   5207 bdarshika AT
Ms. SMCJ Ishanka CAA +94-11-2640433 5208 cjishanka AT
Mr. NJS Kumara Lab Attendant +94-11-2640430 5200 sarathkumaranj AT
Ms. WWWJP Nisansala MBA Assistant +94-11-2640433 5208 janeeshapiyumali AT



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