Welcome to the Department of Management of Technology

The Department of Management of Technology (MoT) of University of Moratuwa was founded in 1998, to accommodate the increasing demand for the discipline of Technology Management in Sri Lanka. It has been rendering services to many undergraduate departments of the University of Moratuwa, in various academic capacities, ever since.

Department of MoT is the only academic department in the University system dedicated to cater the Technology Management needs. In addition to undergraduate studies, the Department also offers high quality postgraduate education and industry oriented short courses in the same sphere.

While the department proudly hosts a staff of high caliber academics, informal links with foreign universities, professional institutes and the industry are exploited in academic teaching.

Department of Management of Technology

Department of Management of Technology Faculty of Engineering
 University of Moratuwa
 Katubedda,Moratuwa 10400
 Tel : +94-11-2650365 / +94-11-2640430 Fax : +94-11-2650622