MBA / PG Diploma in Management of Technology

In recognising the vital role played by management  of technology and the demand for the professionals in  technology management in the present industrialised society,  the Department of Management of Technology, University of  Moratuwa, offers the Masters of Business Administration (MBA)  in Management of Technology and a Postgraduate Diploma  in Business Administration specialised in Management of  Technology.
Module Code
Module Name 
Number of  Credits
Semester I    
MN 5201 Organisational Behaviour and Management 3
MN 5202 Analysis of Decision Making 3
MN 5203 Communication and Presentation Skills 1.5
MN 5209
Technology Management: Principles and
Semester II    
MN 5204 Team Work and Negotiation Skills 1.5
MN 5205 Economics of Business 3
MN 5206 Marketing Management 3
MN 52010 Operation Management 3
Semester III    
MN 5207 Accounting and Financial Management 3
MN 5208 Strategic Management 3
MN 5211 International Technology Transfer 3
MN 5212 Management of Innovation and R & D 3
Semester IV    
MN 6201   Skills of Research Project  2
MN 5213  Social Shaping of Technology 3
MN 5214  Human Resource Management 3
MN 5215 Supply chain Management 3
MN 5216  IT and E Business 3
MN 5217  Business Process Re-Engineering 3
MN 5219  Project Management 3
MN 5223  Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process and Practice 3
Semester V    
MN 6102  Research Project- Phase1 10
MN 6102 Research Project- Phase1 10
Semester V    
MN 6102  Research Project- Phase II 10


Career Progression:
With a postgraduate qualifi cation in technology management,  you can progress a career in managerial ladder in modern  technology based business organisations.
Entry Requirements:
An Honours Bachelor’s Degree of the University of Moratuwa  with a minimum of one year of appropriate experience;
Any other four year degree from a recognised University as  may be approved by the Senate with a minimum of one year  of appropriate experience;
Any three year degree from a recognised University as may  be approved by the Senate with a minimum of two years of  appropriate experience;
Any recognised category of membership of a recognised  professional institute obtained through an academic route as  may be approved by the Senate with a minimum of two years  of appropriate experience as may be approved by the Senate  and a sound of English knowledge.
MBA in Management of Technology is a two year part-time (Six Semester) degree programme with dissertation.
PG Diploma in Business Administration specialised in Management of Technology is a four semester (approximately fifteen months) programme without dissertation. Each semester consists of fourteen weeks of academic activities. Lectures are held on three working days a week in Colombo and on Saturdays at the University of Moratuwa.
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