HETC boosts staff-student activities at UOM

The Higher Education for the Twenty First Century (HETC) project provided grants to following programmes initiated by the departments of the University of Moratuwa during the months of May and June 2012.

Quality and Innovation Grants [QIG] 

After a long and extensive review process, the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology of the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Town and Country Planning of the Faculty of Architecture were awarded quality and innovation grants to the value of LKR 25 million each, for their two undergraduate programmes. The proposal submitted by the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology scored the highest marks (96%) from among all 23 study programmes that competed for QIG windows 1 and 2, Tiers 1, 2 and 3. The proposal submitted by the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (ENTC), secured the second highest marks out of the 23 programmes, however it did not receive a grant, due to the World Bank’s strict policy of awarding only one grant per faculty. 

University Development Grant [UDG]

Under the UDG component of the HETC project, the University received a total grant of LKR 40 million for strengthening of students’ ICT skills, English language aptitude, development of soft skills and promotion of ethnic cohesion among both staff and students of all faculties at University of Moratuwa. The students received a sophisticated audio system and an electronic organ under the soft skills development component, which will be useful for all student societies as well as academic programmes, when they need some time away from the classroom and laboratory atmosphere and look for some entertainment.

External Degree Programme [EDP]

Assistance under the HETC Project for the External Degree Programme (EDP) conducted by the University also commenced in June this year. The aim of the EDP sub-component is to strengthen the  economic and social relevance of the Bachelor of IT (BIT) external degree Programme conducted by the University. The activities under the EDP project are: improving governance and management; improving quality and relevance; enhancing learning resources; and learner support service and promotion of collaboration with state and non-state training institutions. 

Human Resources Development [HRD]

Under the HRD component of the HETC project, some academic staff members of the University received partial scholarships to obtain the scholarships required for their promotion to the next grade of senior lecturer. These lecturers received scholarships: RuwandikaJ Senanayake, Medha R Gunawardhana, B L D Seneviratne, Rivini Mataraarachchi, W P Srimala K Perera, Shirani M Kannangara, Gayani K Jayatunga, and W M P Y B Rathnayake. 

Book Grant to University Library 

University received a grant of LKR 9.0 million for purchase of books, teaching software and electronic resources.