Student's Life

Developing leaders. Building community.

The Engineering undergraduate division admits the top students around Sri Lanka. Because of this, our students have the opportunity to grow amongst an amazing peer group in and out of the classroom. Engineering Student Life provides opportunities for students to gain skills to transition successfully to a professional career. 

Our students become leaders in their chosen fields.

Engineering Student Life Goals:

  • Provide opportunities for engineering students to develop confident skills in leadership, teamwork, and communications.
  • Involve students in the life of the university.
  • Create a sense of community within the university.
  • To meet these goals, Engineering Student Life provides a variety of activities for engineering students.



As exams and deadlines start to creep up on us, University life can start to become more stressful than usual.

Work can start to get on top of you and it is easy to feel trapped with nowhere to go. But don’t worry, most students have felt like this. Our one piece of advice for you would be to escape the university for a few hours and clear your head.

One of the many advantages of studying in Moratuwa is that we are surrounded by amazing national park.