ERU Symposium

ofAnnual ERU Research Symposium is the ERU's flagship event. It is a peer-reviewed conference on the disciplines of engineering. The Symposium provides a good opportunity for graduate students, faculty members, and industry to showcase their research.

The proceedings of the ERU Research Symposium are published by the ERU. The peer-review process, similar to regular conferences, follows the submission of manuscripts. ERU has a large pool of reviewers, who are experts in various disciplines of engineering and science. ERU strives to have each paper reviewed by at least 2 reviewers, comprising at least one international and one local reviewers. Once the authors are conveyed the decisions by the Editor along with the reviews, the authors whose papers are accepted submit the camera-ready papers. If the camera-ready paper conforms to the ERU paper template and the author makes an oral presentation at the ERU Research Symposium, the paper is considered to be accepted.

Next ERU Symposium will be held in April 7-8, 2015. Submission details and deadlines will be posted soon.

Notes on Paper Submission

Use the following template while submitting papers:

  • Micorosft Word (.docx) format
  • LaTex format

ERU kindly requests the authors to submit the papers early. The submission portal may get congested during the last few minutes before the deadline.

If you are a student author, you are required to get the paper thoroughly reviewed by your supervisor. Your supervisor must, in fact, permit you to submit the paper. You will be required to make a declaration to this effect, in the submission process.

We request all authors to carefully revise the paper for spelling and grammar. A paper that is not so revised, is not suitable to be submitted to the ERU Symposium.

Past Symposia