Department of Earth Resources Engineering

Greater are the challenges faced by the Earth Resources Engineering field in the world due to the growing demand for mineral resources necessitating advance technologies to explore the mineral deposits to reach greater depths in mining and to process low grade deposits in sustainable manner.

During the recent past, the department has expanded the B.Sc. Engineering Degree Program to cover many new specialties such as ocean resources engineering, remote sensing and GIS, Gemmology and Jewellery design and petroleum engineering in addition to strengthening of the core discipline of mining and minerals engineering to fulfill the needs of a growing economy and accommodate greater number of school leavers qualified for university admission.

By creating active learning and recreational environment, departmental focus is on producing highly qualified graduates to face the future challenges in the industry. Department maintains a close relationship with the industry, exchanging views on curriculum revisions in a mutually beneficial manner. It is with this in mind that the department revises the curriculum on a regular basis to suit the timely needs of the country as well as to maintain the academic standards on par with those of prestigious overseas institutions. With the program of exploration for oil in the Mannar Basin showing signs of success, new petroleum engineering focus area is introduced from 13’ batch onwards.

Our graduates today occupy key positions in Sri Lanka and abroad in Earth Resources related industries and institutions, while some pursue their post graduate studies in leading universities throughout the world. The department and it’s highly qualified staff focus their attention on broadening the horizons of opportunities for young graduates of tomorrow by offering a greater variety of specializations within the Earth Resources Engineering Degree programme.