How to Apply

Before applying for registration for a research degree, you should make an appointment with a senior staff member interested in supervising your research project. You should consult the respective Head of the Department and find out the names and contact numbers of the senior staff members in the research area of interest to you.

Once you have identified a research area, you have to prepare a research proposal in consultation with your prospective supervisor. At that stage you could obtain the application form from the office of the Post-graduate Studies Division or Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Postgraduate Research Degrees

If you are interested in registering for a Research Degree, the following are available.

Degree Duration of the Programme
Minimum Permitted Maximum
PhD (Full Time) 36 months 72 months 120 months
PhD (Part Time) 60 months 96 months 120 months
MPhil (Full Time) 21 months 42 months 72 months
MPhil (Part Time) 33 months 54 months 72 months
MSc (Full Time) 2 months 24 months 36 months
MSc (Part Time) 24 months 36 months 48 months


The application forms are colour coded as follows:

(Application forms can be collected from Faculty of Graduate Studies or Postgraduate Studies Division)

Type of the Programme PG Degree Programme Colour of the Application Form
 By Research  MSc Gray
MPhil Yellow
PhD Yellow


Filling the Application Form:

  • Please fill the application after consulting your prospective supervisor, as he/she will be the person who will be guiding you throughout your research study program, including any coursework components.
  • Special attention should be paid to the Research Proposal and the coursework component. Guidelines for preparation of the Research Proposal are issued along with the application form.
  • The coursework component is mandatory for the all research degree programs with a major component of Research. If these are courses conducted outside the department of study, the Head of Department where the courses are conducted has to endorse the application.
  • You should complete and sign the application, get it signed by the supervisor, and submit it to the Head of the Department in which you are planning to study. The Head of the Department will the forward the documents to Postgraduate Division.
  • You are required to submit two recommendation forms, completed by senior University academics or your superior officers and at least one of whom would preferably been your teacher at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level. The recommendation should be sent by own supervisor.