HD Committee

The Higher Degrees Committee is a subcommittee of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Engineering, which reviews matters relating to postgraduate degree programs and makes recommendations to the Faculty Board. It deals with matters such as postgraduate course curricula and syllabuses, selection of participants to postgraduate courses, applications for registration and Progress Monitoring of research students, postgraduate examinations, by-laws etc.

The Director of Postgraduate Studies is the ex-officio Chairman of the Higher Degrees Committee.

The current members of the Higher Degrees Committee are:

Dr. WDAS Rodrigo Chairperson
Dr. AS Perera Convener/ RC* - Computer Science & Engineering
Prof. MP Dias Faculty Nominee
Dr. AC de Silva Faculty Nominee
Dr. RU Halwatura RC* Civil Engineering
Prof. AADAJ Perera RC* Civil Engineering
Dr. PG Rathnasiri RC* - Chemical & Process Engineering
Dr. LWPR Udayanga RC* - Electronics & Telecomm Engineering
Dr. Damith Chathuranga RC* - Mechanical Engineering
Dr. (Ms) LN Widanagamaarachchige RC* - Electrical Engineering
Prof. NP Rathnayake RC* - Earth Resources Engineering
Dr. (Ms) NMVK Liyanage RC* - Materials Engineering
Prof. (Mrs) UGS Wijayapala RC* - Textile & Clothing Technology
Dr. VV Adikariwattage RC* - Transport & Logistics Management
Dr. PM Edirisinghe RC* - Mathematics
Prof. SWSB Dassanayaka RC* -Management of Technology

* RC - Research Coordinator

Members of the Higher Degrees Committee act as Research Co-ordinators for each of the departments in the faculty for implementation of the Progress Monitoring program for research degrees.

The Higher Degrees Committee meet once a month regularly (normally 3rd Thursday of the month), and forwards its recommendations to the Dean/ Faculty of Graduate Studies for presentation to the Faculty Board.



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