Dr. Ravindra Wijesiriwardana


Dr.ravi Senior Lecturer Grade I
Tel:+94-711509320, +94-112650301 Ext: 3205
Email: rwijesiriwardana@uom.lk
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BSc Eng (Moratuwa), PhD (Manch)



Dr. Ravi Wijesiriwardana currently researches in multidisciplinary areas of acoustics engineering, RF and microwave engineering, extra low voltage (ELV) & high voltage (HV) applications, biomedical engineering and wearable computing. Before joining UoM he had worked as a senior lecturer at UoJ, UoP and KDU Sri lanka. He recieved his PhD from school of Engineering and Physical Sciences University of Manchester UK in 2005 and BSc with first class honours from Department of Electronics and Telecommunications Enginering University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka in 2001. He developed an analytical electro-mechanics model for electro conductive fabric structures. His PhD work had contributed to two startup companies smartlife technologies UK and Textronics Inc USA. He was the Founder and CEO of ReliSen L.L.C. AR, USA, specilizing in wearable physiological information monitoring systems that works under extreme conditions. 

Research and Publications

Research & Publication

Current Research Projects

  •  Whole body vibrations and electromagnetics impacts on human tissues and their health risks 
  •  Compassion meditation and human relaxation responses 
  •  Bioinformatics and Biomechanics, human gate analysis 
  •  Moble smart phone based wireless electronic stethoscope 
  • RF-HF antenna and short range communication systems 
  • Lightening detection 
  • Extra low voltage applicaions and energy harvesting. 
  • Eelctro kinetics of micro and nano fluidics devices 
  • Ancient acoustic resonators used in Buddhist practices in Sri Lanka 
  • Stupas, Temples and sound instruments used in Buddhist and Hindu religious rituals 
  • Acoustic profiling of arenas and acoustic sound proofing designs 
  • AMBISONICS 4D sound systems design and human perception of sound 
  • Microphones  and speakers arrays 
  • Nonlinear FEA of acoustics 
  • werable computing 


Completed Research Projects

  •  Acoustic measurements of Hindu Temples in Jaffna 2018
  • Hindu Temple acoustic structural coupling measurements, 2017-2018. 
  • ReliSen heart rate monitoring systems for elderly markets in China, November 2014 Nanjing China
  • Wearable physiological information monitoring system with remote wireless real-time monitoring capabilities for evidence based stress, hypertension, anger, anxiety, depression and PTSD recovery assistance SBIR August 2011, USA
  • Feasibility study of ReliSen heart rate and ECG monitoring systems SBIR June 2011, USA 
  • Smart textiles systems, sensors, switches and actuators (2002-2007)


Patents and Copyrights

  1. US 20110213258 “strap based reliable heart rate or electro cardiogram monitor with wireless data transmission”
  2. US Copyright  TX0007346066  ReliSen heart monitor (2010)
  3. US Copyright  TXu001782409 Relisen Heart monitoring software (2011)
  4. US  20110172549 “heart rate and an electrocardiogram monitoring system capable of operating under sweaty, high motion and under water environments
  5. US 20090292193 “electrodes or sensors encapsulating embodiment for wearable physiological information monitoring straps and garments and their construction methods”
  6. US 20090231143 “device and method to controlling and data acquisition system via            communication network”
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  8. US 20090227853 “wearable optical pulse plethysmography sensors or pulse oximetry sensors based wearable heart rate monitoring systems”
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  18. LK /P/12/18845/2016 Industrial or domestic use power quality meter 
  19. LK/P/1/20020/2018  Wireless keyboard gloves for personal computers and smartphone applications 
  20. LK/P/20235/2018 Mesuring instruments and robot manupulators integrated remote controllable areal Vehicle 
  21. LK/P/20236/2018 Optical or micrwave or electrical field power transmission and sensor system for microfluidic devices
  22. LK/P/20360/2019 I2C based remote controllable automated load scheduling and monitoring system
  23. LK/P/20409/924874 All four limbs based energy harvesting excercise equipment


    Invited Presentations

    1. Brief synopsis of some selected works,Wearable Health Monitoring Systems,Heart, Monitors Whole Body Vibrations of Buss Passengers, Structural Acoustics Resonances of Stupas and TempleResearch on Meditation, Research on Consciousness from Buddhism and I Ching Perspectives,       Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine University of Tsinghue,China,28,03,2018
    2. I Ching as an Instrument to Measure Pre and Post Mind States of Buddhist Mediation, Over Scientific Instruments, Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine University of Tsinghue,   China, 28,03,2018
    3. “Acoustic Resonaces of Buddhist Stupas, Temples and Woodfish Instrument” Woodenfish Forum on Buddhism and New Technology: Cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence and Beyond, At Intercontinental    Shanghi China 11 June 2017
    4. “Emptiness of Consciousness from Buddhism and Science Perspectives” Consciousness, science technology and society conference Shanghai China 9 June 2017
    5. “Research Publications and how to apply for patents” Research , Development and Innovation    Workshop Kilinochchi 15 May 2017 
    6. “Nature of zero experience from Buddhist Philosophy and science perspectives”  Sishva University of Peradeniya October 2016
    7. “Changes in Central Nervous System and Cognition with Meditation” Buddhist University              Anuradhapura Sri Lanka March 2016.
    8. “Wearable Physiological Information Monitoring Systems and future trends of Telemedicine”         Universiy of Jafnna Sri Lanka February 2016
    9. “Meditation and Physiology” SISHIVa University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka December 2015
    10. “Effects of Meditation on Physiological Parameters” Buddhist University Anuradhapura Sri Lanka August 2015.
    11. Invited presentation University of Arkansas Medical Expo (2012)
    12. Invited to presentation by China Institute of Academy, Shenzhen (SIAT) in Shenzhen Expo 2010
    13. Invited to present the product by General Administration of Sports of China, Beijing 2010.


    Conferences and Journals

    1. R. Wijesiriwardana, H.Y.R. Perera, “Acoustic Profiling and Non Linear Acoustics Finite Element Modelling of Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium” ICCAE, Moratuwa Sri Lanka , 2019.
    2. C. Liyanage, S. Tharushika, S. Liyanage, M. Porambage, S. Abeygunawardana & R. Wijesiriwardana “Design and implementation of an automated load scheduling and monitoring system” MERCon, Moratuwa Sri Lanka , 2019 
    3. R. Wijesiriwardana,  M. Vignarajah, P. Kathiragamanathan, T.U. Gnanasena & D.M.P.C.Dissanayake "Whole Body Mechanical Vibrations of Passengers Travelling in Busses in Sri Lanka" IRED 8th    International conference on Mechanical Areospace and Production Techniques Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Feb 2018
    4. M.Vignarajah,R.Wijesiriwardana, P.Kathiragamanathan "Two Dimensional Space Curve Based   Curvature Induced Stiffness Formulation for Large Deformable Structural Cables IRED 8th international conference on Civil and Structural Engineering Civil and Structural Engineering , Kualalumur, Malaysia, Feb 2018 
    5. R. Wijesiriwardana, “Resonance Frequency Variations of Metallic Tibetan Singing Bowl with Temperature” at ICMAE Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1-2 May 2017
    6. R. Wijesiriwardana, M. Vignarajah, P. Kathirgamanatha and K.S. Walgama “Structural acoustic coupling resonance of Hindu temples” accepted for publication at ICCAE Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1-2 May 2017
    7. N.P.L.T. Jayadewa, J.G.C. Jayalath, M.I.M.M.Ismail,J.B.Ekanayake ,J.V. Wijayakulasooriya & R. Wijesiriwardana “Low cost LVDT as a Measuring Device” UoP DEEE Project Symposium  September 2016
    8. N.M.S Silva, W.M.R.M Senevirathne, P.R Senevirathne,J. V. Wijayakulasooriya, M. P. B. Ekanayake and R Wijesiriwardana “ LVDT based Digital Micrometer Screw Gauge” UoP DEEE Project Symposium September 2016 
    9. M. Fernanado, R. Wijesiriwardana, Cavity resonator based transformer oil moisture content measurement UoP DEEE Project Symposium September 2016 
    10. P.D.U.N. Pathirage and W.D.R. Perera, M.A.R.M. Fernando,D.N. Uduwawala, J.R.S.S. Kumara & R. Wijesiriwardana “Electro-Magnetic Pulse Detector for IPTV” UoP DEEE Project Symposium September 2016 
    11. R. Wijesiriwardana “Acoustic Resonators used in Buddhist Practices” International Buddhist conference Dec 2015 Anuradhapura Sri Lanka 
    12. S.  Fernando  and  R.  Wijesiriwardana  “Analysis  of  Wavelet  transformation  and  Seam carving Methdos using  Hausdorf Distance Metric” CISP 2016 March Beijing China
    13. R. Wijesiriwardana “Carbon Black and Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes Loaded Polyurethane Foam Composite Flexible thermal Radiator” Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Vol 3, Pages 119-126, 2015
    14. R. Wijesiriwardana and GTF Silva " Looking at Stupas from an Electrical Engineering      Perspective and Possible Functioning of Ruvanweli Maha Seya as an Alpha Wave  Resonator to Harmonize the Nature and the Living Beings“, Anuradhapura Sri Lanka, BUSL  International conference of evolution of Stupa Nov 22nd 2014
    15. R. Wijesiriwardana " Towards the Understanding of Samadhi or Zen State of Mind by      Transient Heart Rate Variability Data" BUSLNC Anuradhapura Sri Lanka Nov 8th 2014 
    16. S. Fernando and R. Wijesiriwardana, "Comparison Between wavelet and seam carving   compression depending on the image type " , IEEE Conference iciis Dec15-17 2014 India
    17. S. Fernando and R. Wijesiriwardana, "Evaluating Information Loss in Digital Image Compression Techniques ", IRC 2014 Colombo Sri Lanka August 2014
    18. WPLK Wijesinghe and R. Wijesiriwardana,"QR code based signature encoding system", IRC 2014 Colombo Sri Lanka August 2014
    19. R. Wijesiriwardana and GTF De Silva , " An unconstrained traffic flow paths solution for evacuating from multiple regions to safer regions Using Graph Theory and Dynamic Programming,IRC 2014 Colombo Sri Lanka August 2014 
    20. Tibbotuge TDPP, Samarasinghe AE, Liyadipitiya LAMASB, Rathmalawinna RPMTDB, Dampage U and Wijesiriwardena R, "Light Powered mobile ID", Vidulka conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dec 2013
    21. Baddewithana GK, Godigamuwa GAHS, Gauder PS, Hapuarachchi PDCN, Dampage U,  Wijesiriwardane R, “Smart Security System for industry and Homes”, IEEE 8th International  conference on Industrial and Information Systems, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, Dec 2013.
    22. R. Wijesiriwardana “ ReliSen Heart Monitoring Systems” 2011 First Medical Expo Fayetteville,  AR, USA
    23. R. Wijesiriwardana "ReliSen Low Cost Remote Patients Monitoring Systems” ShenzhenVenture capital forum November 2009. Shenzhen, China
    24. R. Wijesiriwardana, R. Maonaragala, W. Hurley "Development of Electrically active Textiles” Advances in science and Technology 2008.
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    32. “Novel Knitted Strain Gauges” Conference of Smart Sensor MEMs and Actuators SPIE (5116-31) (2003) Spain;


    • Measurements and Instrumentation
    • Acoustic engineering
    • Electronic product design 

    Professional Activities

      Invited Reviewer International conferences and Journals

      1. IEEE International conference in wearable computing (ISWC) 
      2. IEEE International conference on sensing technology (ICST) 
      3. IEEE Sensors Journal 



      • Acoustic profiling and sound system testing of Sugathadasa indoor stadium 2018-2019.
      • Consultation for kilinochchi hospital expansion 2017-2018.
      • Biomedical engineering consultation for KDU teaching hospital verahara 2013-2015.
      • Lightning protection design for Ben and Nancy Towers Colombo 06 2014.
      • Anti noise of Stadiums and car interior 2005

      Awards and Honors

      • U.S.A. Green card under persons with extraordinary ability (EB1) category (2005) 
      • Full Ph.D. scholarship study from University of Manchester UK (2002-2005) 
      • Sir Peter Allen scholarship from the University of Manchester UK for outstanding research work (2003)