Mr. Vindula Jayawardana

I am a postgraduate researcher at University of Moratuwa (UoM). I am co-advised by Prof.Samitha SamaranayakeDr.Amal Shehan Perera and Dr.Uthayasankar Thayasivam. I am a member of the Data Science, Engineering & Analytics Research group of UoM. I completed my B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2017. 

My research interests lie in the intersection of algorithmic and system optimizations with a focus on transportation and other urban infrastructure systems. In parallel to that, I have worked on applying natural language processing and understanding in the legal domain. In my current research, I am interested in enabling efficient and sustainable urban transportation systems, by utilizing advances in information technology, mathematical modeling and optimization, and new transportation paradigms such as mobility-on-demand systems. 

Please visit my website on for information.