Mr. Sriganesh Lokanathan

Co-established and currently leads LIRNEasia’ Big Data for Development research practice ( ) that has been active since 2012 in Sri Lanka and since 2016 in Bangladesh. He has developed and lead research projects to produce actionable insights from big data (mobile network big data, satellite imagery, CCTV, and electricity consumption data) for a range of developmental policy domains (health, transport, urban planning, official statistics, etc.) as well as engaging in research on the socio-economic implications of big data on areas such as privacy, competition, and marginalization. Through his work Sriganesh has fostered multiple international and local collaborations and engages extensively in the global dialogue on data for development. Has facilitated big data/ data science projects at University of Moratuwa through collaborations with faculty from Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Dept. of Town and Country Planning, and Dept. of Transport & Logistics Management, as well as sponsoring and mentoring many undergraduate and master’s level student projects.