Master of Science/Postgraduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

Course Description

The Department of Computational Mathematics of the Faculty of Information Technology of the University of Moratuwa offers first ever M Sc in Artificial Intelligence program in Sri Lanka. The primary objective of this program is to impart the knowledge of theory and applications of modern Artificial Intelligence techniques to devise intelligent software solutions thereby ensuring multifaceted career paths for the candidates. It covers a wide range of Artificial Intelligence modules from the fundamentals to the cutting-edge technologies.
This M Sc program has been designed to inculcate research skills into students through a set of unique course modules, research methodologies, philosophy of science and scientific communication. The projects in this M Sc exemplify the power of multi-agent systems, ontological modeling, brain machine interfacing and framework developments. A considerable percentage of projects in M Sc in Artificial Intelligence have a record of ensuring international publications annually.
Department of Computational Mathematics has also established the Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory to promote research at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels. In this line, the department conducts researches in broad areas of Cognitive Systems, Machine Learning, Multi Agent Systems, Ontological Modeling and Theory of Computing. At present three PhD and three M Phil students have been registered for their research degrees. These projects are conducted in collaboration with experts in local and foreign universities.
M Sc in Artificial Intelligence is ideal for those who intend to read for their Doctoral Degree in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or any other high-end computing area.

Entry Requirements

Recognized four year degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or any other four year degree with minimum of one year experience in the field of computing or any other recognized degree in a relevant field and experience accepted by the Faculty and approved by the Senate or graduate level membership of a recognized professional institution in a relevant field acceptable to the Faculty and approved by the Senate AND at least two years of relevant experience after having obtained the membership.

Course Structure

The Postgraduate Diploma is of one year (part time) duration while the M.Sc. is of two years duration (part time). The Postgraduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence offer common curricula that include 11 compulsory modules (22 credits) and 5 elective modules (10 credits). Lectures will be held during weekends.

Minimum pass criterion for the Postgraduate Diploma is 32 credits. Those who satisfy this criterion at the end of the first year would be able to select one of the following two options:

(a) Continue for the M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence
(b) Exit the programme with a Postgraduate Diploma


Those who continue to follow M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence will be offered three more courses (6 credits): Research Methodologies, Philosophy of Science and Scientific Communications in the second year, together with a Research Project (16 credits) of one year duration.

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