• What is this MSDN Academic Alliance program?

The MSDN Academic Alliance is an annual membership program designed especially for computer laboratories, university academics and students studying Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology/Systems by Microsoft.

The program has two primary goals:
1)  To make it easier and less expensive for potential users to get Microsoft development tools, platforms and servers for instructional and research purposes.
2)  To build a community of instructors who can share curriculum and other learning resources to support the use of such technologies.

  • What software is included in the subscription?

The MSDNAA program includes all software Microsoft determines as useful for software development and its relevant teaching courses on software development and other computer related topics.  In broad terms, the program includes almost all Microsoft operating systems, all server products and all development software (Visual Studio, System Development Kits, Driver Development Kit etc...)

  • What software is not included in this subscription?

Microsoft games, Microsoft Office applications and few other applications.

  • What is my ELMS username and password?

Your username on the ELMS site is your university email address. Your ELMS password will be automatically sent to your email address. Please keep that mail for future reference.

  • I downloaded the self extracting executable... Now what do I do?

When you run the file, it will extract its contents by default into the c:\temp\msdnaa directory. Then you will need to find the installer file that is usually called setup.exe and run it.

  • I Downloaded the ISO... Now what do I do?

You will need to check the instructions for your CD Burning software to find out what the steps are for burning a CD from an ISO file.

  • How do I get an Installation Key?

When you download software from the UoM MSDN-AA Site, you will automatically be sent an email with a product ID or key required if one is required for installation. This is why it is important to correctly enter information requested before downloading software. For applications that require unique keys, you will be mailed directions on how to request a key to be sent to you.

  • What happens when I leave the University?

Students, staff, and faculty members are not required to uninstall software packages obtained through MSDAA upon graduating or leaving the University as long as the usage still meets the requirements of the ender user licenses agreement. (Please note that personal, research or learning use is acceptable - commercial or business use is not acceptable.)