Connecting Things (IoT)

Connecting Things course, focuses on identifying, designing, prototyping, and presenting an IoT solution that securely solves a current business or social problem. This curriculum is designed for Cisco Networking Academy® students who are seeking to acquire the foundational skills and knowledge prominently required across the emerging digitization technologies using a hands-on, problem-solving approach.

Course Objectives

In this course, students will explore the three basics insights of the Internet of Things: Why do we want to connect everything? What do we want to connect? And how do we connect everything?
A typical IoT solution includes sensors, local analytic abilities, network connections, and the ability to process and analyze the gathered data. Overall it is important to understand how a product or a process or a business overall can be improved with the instrumentation and the collection of data. It all starts with the connection of a sensor to a gateway and from there to the network and the cloud.

Students who complete Connecting Things will be able to perform the following:

  • Create circuits and microcontroller programs with the Arduino and a variety of components.
  • Create Python programs on the Raspberry Pi to provide IoT functionality.
  • Use Packet Tracer to model Python-based IoT systems.
  • Diagram a business model using the Business Model Canvas.
  • Explain security aspects of IoT solutions.
  • Explain how the IoT can be used to provide solutions in healthcare, energy and smart-city and manufacturing.

Course Duration: 80 hrs


  • Weekday Batch 01 - (Monday and Wednesday 5.30 pm - 8.30 pm)


Course Fee: Rs.20,000/=