Landscape, Conservation & Urban Design

Comprehensive Design Project by Chamara Liyanage

'Thanjanthanna', AGeo-retreat: Continuous episodes of Geo forms, Nature and Man

Thanjanthanna is located in Rathnapura District in a relatively un-spoilt natural setting along the Balangoda-Kalthota main road. It is in fact the heart of an active framing and mining region, with many archaeological and environmental hotspots scattered about with a unique geological character and a specific microclimate. The geo retreatconsists of diverse topographic features and natural flora, nestled inside a ring of hills with the Iddagala tank and the rural community of Thanjanthanna at the center. 

As a managed landscape, the Thanjanthanna Geo-retreat will feature specifically designed exploration trails covering key geomorphologic and archeological sites, along with a geological museum, and an arboretum and many other amenities to facilitate the exploration of the area by the visitors.

cdp_chamara_liyanage_1          cdp_chamara_liyanage_2           cdp_chamara_liyanage_3

CDP_Chamara Liyanage_1    CDP_Chamara Liyanage_2   CDP_Chamara Liyanage_3


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Urban Design

Comprehensive Design Project by Rajitha Jayawardena

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Comprehensive Design Project by Shaminda Senarathne

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Conservation Work