Comprehensive Design Projects - 2015

REFORM CENTER FOR BEGGAR COMMUNITY - Architecture as a service to humanity: Chanaka Perera

The project is focusing on specific social group which represent its lowest stratum, who known as beggars. Phenomena of begging has been more elaborated with many facets. It is encouraged with socio cultural and economic aspects too. Within Sri Lankan Context rapidly increasing beggar population does not seem answerable as the solutions taken by responsible authorities are like half bake initiative. They trying to create a picture perfect post card city by wiping them out. But it was not proved practically effective and does not solve the issue.

Issue - These people are trapped in the cycle of poverty. There is a strong association between disability and poverty. Poor people are at the greater risk of becoming disabled through several reasons. The pathetic situation is, because of the stigma and social isolation, it is difficult to be full participants of the society or finding livelihood for these people. So begging is became the activity or adaptation of last resort for them.   Furthermore beggar mafia ensures that these people are stay on the street as better earners rather than the others.

So, is needed to take justifiable solutions which not tackled within the legal framework but within social framework

Solution - “Vocational Rehabilitation” is introduced as such kind of a justifiable solution. According to that, work is a therapy which accommodates both physiological survival and psychological well-being. This specific reforming process intends on, empowering the impoverished disability, gain or regain their independence, making own living in respectful manner and integrate them into the society as part of the state workforce. According to this procedural structure, the project is to establish reformation institution scaffold by vocational training for physically handicapped beggars who are in the age of state workforce.
Thus the architectural mediation here is a philanthropic and therapeutic approach which gains through sensitively penetrating architectural intervention. It accommodates specific program and specific experience within systematically and aesthetically created entity.

Consequently array of services and levels have been designed to facilitate this architectural mediation.

Design approach – space planning - Arranged three levels of reforming process have been accommodated with spatial planning. According to the functional flow two layers have been identified as initial layer and secondary layer. Utilizing the existing natural topography of the site, these two layers were designed at two different elevations. 
Initial layer at lower level accommodates for level of initial adaptation and level of physical follow-up which including; cognizance lobby, intimate zone, kitchen, common dinning, disability aid clinic, therapy areas, literacy hall, performance court, outdoor yoga area and trainee accommodation.

Secondary layer at upper level accommodates for work places of vocational training.

This setting resembles the hierarchy of the functional flow, so gradual elevation of physical and spiritual condition can be experienced by the user.

Throughout the design it is tried to create contemplating spaces in between building clusters, at building frontages as well as inside of the building.

Structural systems of the building is being selected considering the low construction cost, with sustainable materials; it will further provide a very subtle spatial experience for the user.

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Comprehensive Design Projects - 2012

Student Housing and Facilities for University of Colombo: Rizna Aroos
As the University of Colombo lies in the heart of a high end residential zone, the students face a huge dilemma concerning their accommodation and lifestyle. Thus a Student Housing as an Urban Catalyst is introduced. 

This is an attempt to incite the activities and academics of the students by reinforcing their lifestyle. 
The criterion for the university life is understood and a vibrant atmosphere of student based culture is set up addressing a comprehensive master plan and a comprehensive housing plan.The architecture is manipulated to stimulate the activities of the students and thus making it a good surrounding for the students. Thus, this project would be a catalyst in reviving the living criterions of the nieghbourhood.

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Community Housing: Chamika Jayarathne
Objective was to design a shared community pocket for the interdependent community structure while maintaining the individuality and ownership of the private unit. The space should cater to the perceived activity pattern of the community as well as introduce new activities that may sustain the communities’ future.

  • To provide personalization of interior and exterior
  • To reflect one’s own individuality without disrupting the housing environment as a whole
  • To create a strong public realm
  • To increase space for casual social interactions
  • To sustain the existing community socially economically and environmentally.

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