JUXTAPOSED-Magazine launch on Major Design Project 2018 and Student Forum by B.Arch. 15’ Batch

The magazine launched for the first time in the Department of Architecture- University of Moratuwa, displaying the student work in the level III- MDP (Major Design Project) is titled to be “Juxtaposed”. The gist of the heading implies the evaluation of intangible design concepts and their realistic spatial outputs performed by each student under their individual projects. Students forum organized complimentarily to the magazine launch event is oriented on sophisticating fellow students on the expected output of an MDP in terms of design approaches, key requirements of conveying a design and presentation standards to be maintained in critique materials.


Arcnest students' design forum

Arcnest students' forum organizes student's design forums  in every two months with the guidance of head of the department Dr. Upendra Rajapaksha. This session’s mainly focusing on highly commented students projects of previous years and it is conducting as an inspirational talks. Sessions are sponsored by different well established commercial brands in construction industry and that would initiate the fitting together between academia and the industry.                                                                                                                                         forum3 forum1forum4  forum2

BLA - Academic Sessions with Prof. Sucha0ra Bardhan - Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

Two weeks academic session was held with Prof. Suchandra Bardhan from Department of Architecture, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India, for Bachelor of Landscape Architecture students of University of Moratuwa, between 25th June - 07th July 2018. 

The session was filled with many of lectures, workshops, presentation of critiques, students’ research & dissertation projects; teaching and studio tutoring sessions to undergraduate students of BLA programme. 

This program was organized with the support of India -Sri Lanka Foundation.