Result Area 3

The objective of this results area is to develop a culture of research and development, innovation and commercialization (RDIC) in universities.

The Program will develop a system for multi-year, competitively funded research and innovation programs. There will be two types of RDIC programs: (a) development-oriented research (DOR) programs; and (b) research and innovation commercialization (RIC) programs. 

The following proposals submitted by the research teams headed by academics of University of Moratuwa are eligible to receive funds under Research and Innovation Commercialization (RIC) STEM and STEM/HEMS projects of AHEAD operation.

  1. Project Hornet : Commercialization of a High-Performance VToL Drone for the Global Market headed by Prof. S. R. Munasignhe from Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (STEM)
  2. Multi Disciplinary Transport Development Project headed by Prof. J.M.S.J. Bandara from Faculty of Engineering (Combination of Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Computer Science Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering (STEM)
  3. Hydrogel based footwear solutions for diabetic patients headed by Dr. Pujitha Silva from Faculty of Engineering ( Combination of Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering and Faculty of Applied Science, University of Sri Jayewaedenepura) (STEM)
  4. Development of a Machine Vision based Fabric Quality Inspection System headed by Dr. Sulochana Jayashamalee Sooriyaarachchi from Faculty of Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (STEM)
  5. Trilingual Translation System headed by Prof. Gihan Dias from Faculty of Engineering (Combination of Department of Computer Science Engineering, University of Colombo and University of Kelaniya ) (STEM / HEMS)


University-BusinessLinkage (UBL) offices

The UBL offices will assist university academics in increasing collaboration with professional expertise in technology transfer and business model development, establishing open innovation spaces and business incubators, and enabling academics and students to obtain professional business advice and training.


UBL Cell Director -    Dr. A.G. Thusitha Sugathapala
                                               The Enterprise
                                               Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship
                                               University of Moratuwa
                                               Tel : +94(0)112640051 Ext 4509