Result Area 2

This results area aims to improve the quality of degree programs. The objective of this results area is to develop universities that deliver degree programs that promote a combination of academic excellence with high-quality socio-emotional skills, so that students are well prepared for the world of work and for wider civic and social life. 

The following strategic actions will be used to achieve this objective: 

•    Enriching Learning, Teaching and Assessment (ELTA) and English Language Skills Enhancement (ELSE) grants. A system of competitive grants for ELTA-ELSE will be established to support innovative approaches for the combined development of academic excellence and socio-emotional skills.

These grants will assist university faculties and departments to

    o    introduce modern curriculum approaches, teaching-learning methods, and assessment approaches; 
       o    expand the use of digital resources and blended learning; 
       o    promote industry placements and workplace exposure for students; 
       o    enhance the English language skills of students; 
    o    promote entrepreneurship skills of students; facilitate international linkages between domestic and overseas universities to strengthen teaching and learning; and 
       o    facilitate staff exchange programs between universities and private firms. 
This ELTA-ELSE program will contribute to keep students abreast of the latest academic knowledge in their subjects, and it will enable graduates to obtain jobs in the private sector, especially the high-end companies.

• Professional development: 

The Program will support university academics to obtain PhD qualifications from reputed universities. The PhD scholarships for university academics will only be eligible for UGC-approved overseas universities to ensure quality. 

Congratulations for the following academics of University of Moratuwa who were selected for the award of the PhD scholarship under AHEAD. 

1.    Ms. Priyanwada I. Singhapathirana of Department of Town & Country Planning, Faculty of Architecture 
2.    Ms. Bhadra Harshini Mallawarachchi of Department of Building Economics, Faculty of Architecture
3.    Mr. Soorige Dumindu Asela Soorige of Department of Building Economics, Faculty of Architecture

Call for applications for PhD Scholarships – Round 2 

The criteria of the scholarship program are as follows:

    -    Entitled only for Foreign Doctoral (PhD) studies in English Medium including split site PhDs. 
    -    Maximum grant limit per year per candidate is 3,000,000/- upto a maximum period of three years. This includes a maximum living stipend of Rs. 1,500,000/- per year for the period spent abroad.
   -  Maximum age limit of the candidate to the closing date of applications should be below 40 years.
    -    Achieve an IELTS overall score of 7.0 before the release of the Grant.

Application forms and guidelines for the funding scheme can be down loaded from the AHEAD website :  and also the UGC Website :

The deadline for receiving applications is 15th September 2018.