Research and Publications

Year :sort ascending Department Title of Paper Authors Name of the Journal and Volume
2013 Department of Civil Engineering Mathematical modelling of watershed wetland crossings for flood mitigation and groundwater enhancement - case of the Attanagalu Oya river basin Rajapakse, R.L.H.L.
Wijesekara, N.T.S.
ENGINEER (Volume 46(3) : 55-67)
2013 Department of Management of Technology Expectations and experience: IT jobs in offshore software development and commercial banks in Sri Lanka Wickramanayake, N. Information Technology & People (Volume 26)
2013 Department of Information Technology Statistically Enhanced Multi-Dimensional Trust Computing Mechanism for Cloud Computing Firdhous, M.F.M.
Suhaidi Hassan
Osman Ghazali
Journal of Mobile Computing and Multimedia Communications (Volume 5)
2013 Department of Architecture Performing in Landscape: Emerging Vernacular, Kandy, Sri Lanka De Silva, B.M.G.W.
ISVS e-journal International Society of Vernacular Settlements (Volume 2)
2013 Department of Civil Engineering A density- and stress-dependent elasto-plastic model for sands subjected to monotonic torsional shear loading de Silva, L.I.N.
Chiaro, G.
Koseki, J.
Geotechnical Engineering Journal, SEAGS, Special Issue on Modelling Aspects of Soil Behaviour, (Volume 44(2): 18-26)
2013 Department of Computational Mathematics A Profile boosted RAF to Recommend Journals for Manuscript Jian Ma
Chen Yang
Haidan Liang
Journal of American Society for Information Science & Technology
2013 Department of Architecture Paolo Soleri, The frugal city and us Pathiraja, M.
The Architect (Volume 116)
2013 Department of Management of Technology Economic Recovery from Natural Disaster: Spotlight on Interventions in Tsunami affected Micro, and SME’s in Sri Lanka’s Galle District Sardana, G.D. Competitiveness Review: An International Business Journal incorporating Journal of Global Competitiveness ( Vol.23 Iss: 4/5)
2013 Department of Computer Science and Engineering A Multi- Tenancy Aware Architectural Framework for SAAS Application Development Col. Dr. C. D. Gamage, Lt.
De Alwis, W.N.T.
Engineer (Vol:XXXXVI No. 03 )
2013 Department of Computational Mathematics Synaptic redistribution and variability of signal release probability of Hebbian neurons at low-firing Fernando, Subha
Koichi Yamada
Artificial Life and Robotics, Springer (Volume 17)



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