Professor K Kapila CK Perera, Dean Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering is the largest faculty in the University of Moratuwa, comprising 12 academic departments, over 200 academic staff and around 3500 undergraduate and post-graduate students. The Faculty at present offers Bachelor of the Science of Engineering degree in 9 disciplines, Bachelor of Design degree in Fashion Design and Product Development and Bachelor of Science degree in Transport and Logistics Management. In addition, the Faculty offers a large number of post-graduate degrees leading to Master of Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Philosophy, Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Philosophy.

The Faculty of Engineering is undoubtedly the most sought after faculty by the prospective students for engineering education in Sri Lanka requesting Moratuwa by over 95% of applicants as their first choice. We aim to produce World Class graduates with high value addition to be readily employable in the industry. The Faculty pursues the University Mission by focusing on excellence in higher learning, research, consultancy and other professional activities in Engineering by creating an environment conducive to nurturing the inquiring mind and developing skills for a diversity of challenges, and thus to be a leader in contributing to sustainable, scientific, technological, social and economic development of Sri Lanka.