Format, Submission and Examination of Theses and Dissertations for Research Degrees

( Faculty Board Paper dated 2 May 2000 )


a. The performance of the candidate for a research degree will be assessed on the basis of the
- Examination of the thesis 
- Written examinations, where applicable 
- Seminars and assignments, where appropriate
b. At the final progress review meeting of the candidate, the committee should recommend that the  examination process could commence for the candidate's thesis. The research coordinator can then initiate action to appoint the panel of examiners for the thesis.


Appointment of Examiners for Thesis
The thesis shall be examined by a panel of examiners, which will be constituted with:
a. At least 3 examiners appointed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty, Director/PGS and nominated by the Head of the Department
b. At least one of the examiners shall be an external examiner (from outside the University). It is desirable that the external examiner for research degrees should have at least similar qualifications to the one examined.
c.  In the case of candidates having several co-supervisors, only one may normally be appointed as an examiner. 
d. If  the candidate is a lecturer of the University of the Grade of Senior Lecturer and above, who registered under special permission (as per clause 3.1(e) of the PhD bylaw), there should be at least 2 external examiners in the panel. (Clause 7.3 of PhD bylaw)
e. The chairman of the Panel of Examiners should be designated at the time of nomination. If the Head of the Department is a member of the panel of examiners, he/she would be the chairman of the panel.  If the Head of the Department is not a member, a senior member may be nominated by the Head of the Department to be the Chairman of the Panel.



Thesis Submission
Three softbound (spiral or any other suitable binding or filing method which facilitates easy handling of the thesis without loosing sheets) copies of the thesis should be submitted to the Director/Postgraduate Studies, and a receipt obtained by the student. The student should submit the relevant form (Form  for Initial Submission- Blue form) duly completed and endorsed by the supervisor, and produce the registration book at the time of submission of the thesis.
The Director/PGS will forward the thesis copies to the SAR Exams, and inform the respective Head of Department, Research Coordinator and Supervisor(s) when a student has submitted a thesis. 

There should be at least four weeks between the time of initial submission of the thesis and the date of the Oral Examination. Some examiners may need more time for scrutiny of the thesis. The Supervisor/Research Coordinator/Head of Department. may take over the thesis after the student submits the same to the Director/Postgraduate Studies.

The date of the oral examination will be fixed by the Head of the Department in consultation with the Supervisor, Research Coordinator and Examiners.


4. Thesis Examination
a.  The candidate shall be assessed on the basis of the following
- Evaluation of the thesis 
- Oral examination
- Presentation/Demonstration of the work carried out by the candidate for the thesis to an invited audience. 
b. The Chairman of the panel of examiners shall submit a confidential report containing comments of each individual examiner, and a final recommendation, with any change of title  to the Director/PGS, to be submitted for senate approval.
- If the candidate satisfies the examiners in all three aspects mentioned above, the candidate may be advised to make the final submission of the thesis.
- If the candidate satisfies the examiners at the oral examination, but the thesis needs minor corrections, he may be advised to do the corrections and make the final submission of the thesis, after getting the approval of the supervisor.
- If the thesis, though unsatisfactory, shall seem to be of sufficient merit to justify such action, the examiners may recommend that the candidate be permitted to resubmit his thesis in revised form on one occasion within twelve months (Ref. PhD bylaw Clause 7.4).


5. Final Submission of Thesis
a. The following should be submitted by the candidate to the Head of the Department through the Supervisor/s.
i. Two hardbound copies of the corrected thesis (The Head of the Department may decide to ask for extra hardbound copies of the thesis if necessary.)
ii. The Form  (Pink)  for Final Submission available at the office of the Director/PGS, duly completed and signed by the candidate and supervisor.
iii. Students clearance form (Form No. EA/PG/02) and copies of all payment receipts.
iv A copy of the abstract of his/her thesis should be e-mailed to, to be included in the web page.
b. The student may submit a copy of the thesis in CD, in addition to the hard copy, (optional)  which would be deposited in the library.
c. The Head of the Department will send one copy of the thesis with the completed form (Pink) to the Director/PGS, along with confidential reports by the examiners and documents mentioned is 5 a(iii)
d. The copy submitted to the Director/PGS will be sent to the library, and the form sent to SAR (Exams) through the Dean of Faculty of Engineering..


6. Appearance of Thesis
a. The thesis should be A4 size, and the contents should be word processed, leaving a 38 mm margin on the left hand side and at least 25 mm. margins on right hand side, top and bottom. The text should in a legible font (which is used normally for official documents) with single or 1.5 line spacing. 
b. The Final Thesis should be photocopied on good quality paper, on one side only. 
c. Colour should be avoided wherever possible, to allow black and white reproduction. In graphs and drawings, colour may be used provided that the different coloured sections may be identified on a black and white copy, using the key. If colour is used, the word "original is in colour" should be included on the same page.
d. The thesis should include a declaration by the candidate, certified by the supervisor, that the work included in the thesis has not been submitted for any other academic qualification at any institution.
e. The colour of the thesis should correspond with the degree as follows: 
PhD -  Red or Maroon M.Phil - Dark Brown 
M.Sc. -  Dark Green  M.Eng.   - Dark Blue  
MBA -  Dark Grey 
Samples are available at Postgraduate Division
f.  Lettering on Cover should be in GOLD for all degrees.* - Samples are available at Postgraduate Division
g. On the front cover, the following should be printed :
- Title of thesis 
- Degree 
- Candidate's name
- University
- Date (month and year)
h. On the spine of the thesis, the following should be printed downwards, so that it can be read when the book lies flat, face upwards. 
- Students surname with initials  
- Degree and
- Year. 

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