Registration and Fees




The Provisional Registration is done by the office of the Postgraduate Division.

Student full registration is done at the office of the Senior Assistant Registrar (Examinations and Academic). 

You need to bring the following for the full Registration:


Tuition Fees

(A)          Local Students


PG Degree Programme

Tuition Fees

For the Minimum Duration (Per Annum)

For the Excess  Period *

1.             MSc  Research Degrees  (Full Time)

Rs. 50,000/=

Rs. 10,000/=  

(Per Term **)

2.             MSc  Research Degrees  (Part Time)

Rs. 30,000/=

Rs. 10,000/=  

(Per Term **)

3.             MPhil Degrees     (Full Time)

Rs. 75,000/=

Rs. 3,000/=

(Per Month)

4.             MPhil Degrees     (Part Time)

Rs. 50,000/=

Rs.  2,000/=

(Per Month)

5.             PhD Degrees       (Full Time)


Rs. 3,000/=  

(Per Month)

6.             PhD Degrees       (Part Time)

Rs. 50,000/=

Rs.  2,000/=

(Per Month)


*     Excess  Period is the period any candidate spend beyond the minimum duration stipulated for a respective degree.  

**   Term is considered as duration of 06 months


Up to 80% of the tuition fees may be waived from students who have obtained at least a second class upper division in their first degree performance, on the recommendation of the Supervisor and Head of the Department, the Director Postgraduate Studies, Dean and the Vice Chancellor. (The request form is available at the PGS Office)


For taught courses, the Tuition Fees are determined by the respective department



(B)          Foreign Students


a.       A tuition fee of US$ 3000 per year for full time students and US$ 2000 per year for part time students will be charged in addition to the local fee mentioned above. Tuition Fees for excess period  US$ 100 per calendar month or  part   thereof

b.       Up to 50% waiver of the above additional fee may be permitted on the recommendation of the Head of Department and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.




Other Fees

                                    Examination Fees      -    Rs.   500.00 

                                 Examination Fees      -    Rs.1,000.00 



                        (a)   Full Time Research Candidates

                                - Minimum deposit of Rs. 2,000/- for 2 books (no guarantee required)

                                - Maximum deposit of Rs. 15,000/- for 06 books (Rs. 2,500/- per book) The candidate has to pay  Rs. 6,000/-  

                                  and for the balance Rs. 9,000/- the Supervisor/course Coordinator has to give a  guarantee


        (b)   Part Time  Research Candidates

 - Minimum deposit of Rs. 2,500/- per each book for maximum of 06    books (no guarantee required)





Note -  All fees are subject to revision



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Last Updated 01.03.2014