This scheme applies to the following categories of candidates:


  1. Full-time or Part-time Ph.D. candidates
  2. Full-time or Part-time M.Phil. candidates
  3. Full-time M.Eng./M.Sc. candidates following a program with a major component of research.


The Progress Monitoring Scheme consists of the following:


        A Progress Review Committee is appointed by the Faculty Board, for each candidate, consisting of the Senior Supervisor(s), a Specialist in the field of study, nominated by the Head of the Department, to act as Chairman, and the research coordinator of the respective Department, who acts as the convenor. If two supervisors are appointed for the Progress Review committee then another member (a senior academic person) should be included to the panel.


        Progress of each M.Phil. & Ph.D. candidate is reported every six months after the progress review committee either interviews the candidate or hears a presentation by the candidate to an invited audience. For full-time M.Eng. /M.Sc. candidates, (as in (iii) above), the period for progress reporting is four months.


        The research coordinator reports the progress of the candidate through the respective Head of the Department to the Director Postgraduate Studies, who obtains the recommendation of the Higher Degrees Committee and reports to the Dean/Engineering. The Dean sends copies of the report to SAR/ Exams, Head of the Department and Director/PGS, after obtaining Faculty approval of the progress Report. The Head of the Department informs the Supervisor and the candidate.


        Before each Progress Review, the candidate fills the Progress Summary Sheet (forms are available in the PG-Division or a detailed document on similar lines ) and submits it to the convener of the Progress Review committee at least one week before the completion of each review period. Progress review is usually conducted within two weeks of the submission of this document.


        The research coordinator’s report is very brief, giving the candidate’s name, registration number, progress review number and mode of review (interview, presentation etc.), date and the progress (form will be sent to Research Candidates by Pg-Division). The full progress review committee should sign it. Progress of a candidate is classified as ‘Unsatisfactory’, 'Satisfactory' (Pass Level), and ‘Good’. A candidate who obtains the ‘Unsatisfactory’ grade repeatedly at progress reviews may be reported to the Faculty Board and Senate for cancellation of registration.



Additional Guidelines:


        Any change of title of the research with major change of the content should be informed to the PG-division to obtain the Senate approval. (Form No. – PGS/COM.ST./2003/10/30 is available in the PG-Division)


        Change of title of the research, proposed by the panel of examiners during the final examination can be accommodate and this should be informed to the Director/PG Division together with the confidential report.


        Any change is the course work component(s) is MSc. Degree should be informed to the PG-Division, well in advance to the final submission, in order to obtain the Senate approval.


        All research students are expected to present papers at conferences and publish in journals the work carried out in their research programs. For M.Phil. and Ph.D. candidates, it is a requirement to have at least one paper presented at a reputed conference or published in a reputed journal before the submission of the thesis.

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